Integrated Stone Therapy for Deeper Healing

Your customized treatment at Laughing Buddha Bodywork includes:

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Deeper Relaxation

Hot Stone Therapy

Since experiencing my first stone massage in massage school, I remain convinced that nothing else can compare.

In the Dakota Sioux stone medicine tradition I learned at Cedar Stone School of Massage, my stones become active massage tools to melt away stress and ease the way for deeper work. Cold stones, often used on the face, reduce inflammation through vasoconstriction.

Greater Flexibility

Joint Mobilization

Who doesn’t want to enjoy more ease of movement? Joint mobilizations optimize the body for any kind of movement and feel great too. They include assisted stretching techniques, passive range of motion, and bodywork from Chinese (Tui Na) and Thai traditions.

While needed mobilizations are part of your massage, you can also choose a mobilization-only session, and wear your workout clothes on the table for a completely different kind of bodywork experience.

Joint Mobilization

My Services

Therapeutic Massage

My work incorporates Western approaches like Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and neuromuscular (trigger point therapy). I also borrow from healing traditions of other cultures, including Chinese, Thai and Native American.



Localized treatment
Full-body therapeutic massage


Therapeutic massage

Full-body deep tissue massage


Deep tissue massage


Photo of Alan Arnett, MFA, LMT, BCTMB

About Me

Alan Arnett


Dancers know the body…and know pain! I was fortunate to discover the benefits of massage early in my dance career. Now retired from dance, I’m thrilled to offer them to you.

Developing my touch since 1980, the broad education I pursued at Cedar Stone School of Massage (where I taught from 2016 to 2022) prepares me to help you with all your massage goals, from relaxation to tissue change and structural integration.

When you book an appointment, I’m able to practice what I truly love: using the power of human touch to bring relief, balance and wellness to others.

Get Started!

Studio Hours

Tuesday – Friday : 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday : 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Off-hour appointments, house calls, and clothed sessions are also available. Call for details.

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More can be accomplished in 40 minutes than you may think! Maybe you’re looking for a spa treatment to your favorite area, such as face, scalp, hands or feet. Perhaps you’ve decided to address a specific or chronic issue. Massage can help low back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression,trigger points, frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and more! Let’s discuss your goals and plan the perfect localized treatment.

$70/40 minutes


Therapeutic massage ranges from the comparatively lighter pressure of Swedish to as-deep-as-needed, depending on your goals and what your therapist discovers during treatment.

With this length of  session, a full-body massage is possible, but  clients often prefer to spend more time wherever necessary on the way toward that ideal. Awareness of your breath and breathing slower and deeper helps your session becomes meditative and aids in releasing more tension.

$100/60 minutes


Because it aims for musculoskeletal results, deep tissue work simply takes more time. Time to thoroughly warm up and prepare the tissue, time to explore, and time to apply appropriate techniques. Deep tissue work may not always feel comfortable, but it can offer relief. We collaborate and communicate to avoid real pain. This option is for clients who know in advance they need or want the extra time.

$140/80 minutes

About Hot Stone Therapy

Although I’d tried most kinds of massage, nothing compared to the experience of hot stones. I’n lucky my massage education emphasized their use! In the Dakota Sioux stone medicine tradition, my stones become massage tools to melt away stress and ease the way for any deeper work.

Cold stones help reduce inflammation through vasoconstriction.

About Joint Mobilization

Want to move more? Or want to experience something completely different?

Joint mobilizations optimize the body for any kind of movement, and feel great too. They include assisted stretching techniques, passive range of motion, and bodywork from Chinese (Tui Na) and Thai traditions.

Wear workout clothes if you dare try a mobilization-only session!