Integrated Stone Therapy for Deeper Healing

Full-body massages are at least 70 minutes and always include:

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Deeper Relaxation

Hot Stone Therapy

Although I’ve tried most kinds of massage, nothing compares to the experience of hot stones. I’m lucky my massage education emphasized their use! In the Dakota Sioux stone medicine tradition, my stones become massage tools to melt away stress and ease the way for any deeper work.

Cold stones, often used on the face, reduce inflammation through vasoconstriction.

Greater Flexibility

Joint Mobilization

Want to move more? Or want to experience something completely different?

Joint mobilizations optimize the body for any kind of movement, and feel great too. They include assisted stretching techniques, passive range of motion, and bodywork from Chinese (Tui Na) and Thai traditions.

Wear workout clothes if you dare try a mobilization-only session!
Joint Mobilization

My Services

Therapeutic Massage

My work incorporates Western approaches like Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and neuromuscular (trigger point therapy). I also borrow from healing traditions of other cultures, including Chinese, Thai and Native American.



Localized treatment
Full-body therapeutic massage


Full-body therapeutic massage
Full-body deep tissue massage


Full-body deep tissue massage


Photo of Alan Arnett, MFA, LMT, BCTMB

About Me

Alan Arnett

Dancers know the body and know pain. I felt the benefits of massage early in my dance career; now I want to offer them to you.

Developing my touch since 1980, the broad education I pursued at Cedar Stone School of Massage (where I now teach) prepares me to help you with all your massage goals, from relaxation to tissue change and structural integration.

When you book an appointment, I’m able to practice what I truly love: using the power of human touch to bring relief, balance and wellness to others.

Get Started!

Studio Hours
Wednesday – Saturday : 11am – 7pm
Off-hour appointments, house calls, and clothed sessions are also available. Call for details.

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